Pupils at Hartford Church of England High School
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Business Studies

  • Mrs D Roberts - Curriculum Leader for Computing and Business
  • Miss K Hallmark - Teacher of Computing and Business Studies

GCSE Business - 2 units, 2 exams, 50% each EDEXCEL Exam Board

Theme 1 - Investigating Small Business

  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • Spotting a business opportunity
  • Putting the business idea into practice
  • Making the business effective
  • Understanding the external influences of business

Theme 2 - Building a Business

  • Growing the business
  • Making marketing decisions
  • Making operational decisions
  • Making financial decisions
  • Making human resource decisions

Students start by exploring the world of small businesses through the lens of an entrepreneur. How and why do business ideas come about? What makes a successful business? They learn how to develop an idea, spot an opportunity and turn it into a successful business. They will understand how to make a business effective, manage money and see how the world around us affects small businesses and all the people involved.

Then students move on to investigating business growth. How does a business develop beyond the start-up phase? They learn about key business concepts and issues and decisions they need to make when growing and working in a global business. They learn about meeting customer needs, making marketing, operational, financial and human resourcing decisions and explore how the wider world impacts the business as it grows.

Proshare - Student Investor

All pupils are encouraged to participate in Proshare. This is a competition for pupils aged 14 to 19. The idea is to use £100,000 to purchase shares and hope that your purchases will increase in value. Top Prize - all expenses paid trip to New York and many other prizes.

IT rooms are available at lunch and after school for pupils to complete work.

Easter School support where needed.