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Homework is used as a tool for students to consolidate learning already acquired through the delivery of the curriculum during lesson time. Students will be trained, from Year 7 onwards, on how to learn the most powerful knowledge from each of their subjects: a skill which will progress during their journey at Hartford Church of England High School and prove pivotal at KS4. Our teachers will support and ensure that students have retained knowledge through low stake quizzes called Do Now at the start of lessons.

Purpose of Homework

  • To embed knowledge: Consolidate learning that has taken place in the classroom through revision/ retrieval of key knowledge: on line quizzing/ technology apps (Hegarty Maths, Seneca and ActiveTeach)
  • To extend knowledge: Post lesson reading/ research to add breadth to their existing knowledge. Refine work from the classroom based on feedback from the teacher
  • To apply knowledge: Use learning from the classroom to complete a deliberate practice task (e.g. responding to an essay question: purposeful practice) based on content covered in a lesson

How will homework be set?

  • Students will be set homework regularly by their subject teachers using Satchel One
  • Students will record homework in their school planners

How often?

In the secondary phase, students should spend the following amount of time completing their homework each evening:

  • Year 7, 8 and 9 - between 30 minutes and one hour
  • Years 10 and 11 - between one and two hours

The above timings are guidelines. In the lead-up to tests and exams, student must recognise that the more time they spend working independently, the greater their chance of success will be.

View homework frequency by department

How can you support your child with the completion of homework?

  • Ensure your child has a quiet place to do their homework
  • Help your child get into a routine and complete their homework at the same time each evening
  • Check your child’s planner and ask them what homework they have
  • Ensure neat presentation and support your child in checking their work for spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • If your child is struggling with a topic, encourage them to contact their teachers via email or speak to them in person
  • Ensure your child uses their knowledge organiser to assist them in the completion of homework

Further Support

Students are expected to complete all pieces of homework to the best of their ability. Homework Club will be available for students to attend from 3.00pm every weekday. A member of the Homework Team will be there to offer a quiet space and to support students with the completion of their homework.