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Pastoral Care

Pastorally, school is organised on a House System. Two Tutor Groups from every Year Group belong to each of the four Houses. On joining us, all students become a member of one of four houses; Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Our houses are led by a Head of House and a Pastoral Manager who maintain an overview of all pastoral and academic matters pertaining to their house . For Tutorial purposes and lunch arrangements, two Houses are based in West Building and two in East. All students will have a tutor who will, where possible, remain with them for their five years at high school. Form Tutors monitor pupils’ progress and support on a day to day basis. Each tutor group has representatives for the school council, sport council and charity work. Students aspire to become House and Sport Captains in Year 11. Pastoral Managers, Teaching Assistants, the School Nurse and a variety of outside agencies provide a wide range of services and support as necessary. A number of staff are First Aid trained; when required, they will make an initial assessment, then follow up accordingly.


Our Church of England status is reflected in both the curriculum and the whole life of the school community. Collective worship has been, and continues to be, an integral part of school life. It encourages a respect, tolerance and care for the world, as well as the opportunity to think of the needs of others. Our Christian ethos is promoted through our staff and our pastoral structures and it permeates every aspect of school life.

Students attend assemblies in House groups, usually twice a week. One of the assemblies is a ‘Business’ assembly, led by the Head of House who delivers key messages and information to the students. The other assembly is usually led by either a member of the Senior Leadership Team or a visiting guest speaker and based upon a topical theme. Themes can be religious, but many support the Citizenship curriculum and thereby promote global awareness. Houses also support their choice of charitable organisations. Assemblies may be linked to associated fundraising activities for the chosen charity.

Pastoral Learning Journeys

Please download your year groups Learning Journey, for the Pastoral Curriculum.

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