Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to achieve your very best.

Research suggests that the ability to learn, retain and recall knowledge is essential to examination success. Typically, if you leave your revision until a few weeks or even days/hours before examinations and tests, this presents a problem. Our short-term memory has limited capacity and you find yourself unable to retain the information hence you become stressed and often give up, convincing yourself you are no good at revising or ‘can’t do that subject’.

Top Tip

The secret to success is to regularly revisit the knowledge learned. This helps transfer the knowledge from the short-term memory to the long-term memory, which not only helps to make learning ‘stick’, but is also frees up our short-term memory for day-to-day learning and experiences.

A collection of the core knowledge needed to learn

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How can you support your children at home

Do not be worried you do not have all of the subject-specific knowledge to be able to help, or check that your children has done their homework and revision.

The knowledge organisers will help you to do this easily alongside the videos and useful tips on how best to use them.