Satchel One - Introduction

At Hartford Church of England High School, students use the Satchel One learning platform to keep up to date and on top of all their homework.

Parents and carers have their own log in. This allows you to be able to access all the information and tools needed to get involved and support your child with the tasks they are set for completion at home, to monitor their progress and know all their homework deadlines. In addition to homework information, parents can also access information regarding behaviour, detentions, achievement points and attendance.

Below you can access some documents and tutorials to help you log on and navigate your way through the different features.

If you or your child are having difficulties with accessing or navigating around Satchel One, please contact Mr Yevsevev, on who will be able to assist.

You can also contact Satchel One directly for technical. Please visit their help centre

Video Tutorial and Support

What is Satchel One

How Parents can log into Satchel One

Parents Guide to Satchel One

Satchel One for Students