Uniform Policy

At Hartford Church of England High School, we believe that a school uniform encourages a sense of community, helps develop a sense of pride and supports equal opportunities. All students are required to wear our school uniform, which has been designed with smartness, safety, professionalism and practicality in mind.

Since each young person coming to and from school is an ambassador for the school, we expect them to represent us by dressing correctly at all times, taking pride in their uniform. High standards can only be achieved with the support of parents. We welcome and expect parental cooperation in ensuring that students arrive at school in full uniform.


All students must wear:

  • A school blazer with school badge with sleeves of full length (not rolled)
  • A school tie (House colours: red, green, yellow or blue)
  • A plain, pale blue shirt, tucked in to trousers or skirt
  • Plain, black, full school shoes (without logos)
  • Trousers - straight cut, wool mix or polyester, black in colour to be worn with black ankle socks


  • A plain black pleated school skirt of appropriate length (with or without the school logo) to be worn with black tights (minimum 40 denier)

If they wish, students may also wear:

  • A plain navy-blue, V-necked, long-sleeved pullover (clearly a jumper not a sweatshirt) with or without the school badge

When the weather requires it, students should have a waterproof jacket to wear over their blazer outside. All outdoor clothing must be removed inside the school buildings.

Please note: Trainers are not permitted to be worn in school except where students are participating in PE lessons, sports activities or extra-curricular activities that require them, for example when playing football on the 3G pitch at lunchtime.

Hoodies are not allowed to be worn on the school site at any time.


For PE lessons and where representing the school in sports activities, all students must wear:

  • White polo-shirt
  • Navy blue skort OR navy/royal blue shorts
  • Navy blue or white sports socks
  • Trainers with non-marking soles

The following items of sportswear are optional:

  • Football/rugby boots
  • Navy blue plain tracksuit bottoms (with or without a school logo)
  • Reversible blue and gold rugby shirt
  • Quarter-zip outerwear top (for inclement weather)

Other Compulsory Uniform Items

  • DT apron for DT lessons
  • Sturdy school bag including a pencil case, pen, pencil, ruler and calculator (calculators can be purchased from school via Scopay). A water bottle is advisable too as there are water dispensing machines around school for students to use

Summer Uniform

When the weather is very warm, we will always give students the option to remove their blazer in lessons and when walking around the school site.

In extreme heat, we will allow students to wear their PE kit to school. We will inform parents the night before through our regular communication channels.

Other Information

  • No jewellery is allowed in school from September 2023
  • Students may wear a watch, but not a smart watch such as an Apple Watch
  • Hair must be appropriate for school; this includes natural colours and not extreme styles
  • Subtle foundation make-up may be worn
  • Nails must be natural, unvarnished and of an appropriate length
  • False eyelashes/eyelash extensions must not be worn for school

Download School Uniform Policy

Ordering uniform

Badged items are supplied by Sportswear International

Download School Uniform Brochure

How to order badged uniform

Small items of uniform and equipment are available to purchase from school through scopay accounts.

Non-badged items can be purchased from any external retailer providing they comply with our school uniform policy.

All uniform should be marked with your name

If you have any queries regarding uniform please email dadams@hartfordhigh.co.uk