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School Funding

Unofficial Fund

Statement of Intent

The Unofficial (School) Fund is a voluntary fund established to support school activities using income sources that are independent of the school’s official resources.

Typical activities include:

  • The sale of School Uniform
  • The sale of revision guides and other educational resources (eg. calculators and maths equipment) as a service to pupils and parents
  • School Productions (plays), musical events and dance displays etc.
  • Charity fundraising by pupils and staff
  • Extra-curricular trips that fall outside the HMRC definition of ‘Educational Visits’. These are mainly of a recreational nature, taking place outside the school day
  • Social events for pupils (eg. Year 11 Leavers Prom and Prefects Christmas meal)

Administrative and Banking Arrangements

The administrative arrangements for the School Fund are described in section 12 of the Manual of Internal Financial Procedures.

The School Fund bank account is held at HSBC Northwich branch and the cheque signatory arrangements are described in Appendix E of the Manual of Internal Financial Procedures.


The Unofficial Fund is not registered for VAT as its taxable turnover is below the threshold at which registration is required.

Approved by Governors’ Finance and Resources Committee on 22nd March 2016
Due for review Spring Term 2018