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Chairperson - Lydia Naylor
Treasurer - Lisa Harrison
Secretary - Mel Bishop

The school has a very active and involved PTA - a lively group of people who meet once every 6 to 8 weeeks for half an hour or so to plan new, exiting fund raising events. The PTA’s aim is to raise funds for "extras" which will benefit the students and staff at Hartford Church of England High School.

What has the PTA provided?

  • Planners for new pupils
  • New sound system for East and West Halls
  • Display panels for Art
  • Student Lockers

Getting Involved with the PTA

  • Do you want to have a say in how funds are raised and allocated for the benefit of current pupils at Hartford Church of England High School?
  • Do you want to find out more about what’s happening in school?
  • Do you have a phone and e-mail address?
  • Can you coax people into taking part in events?

PTA meetings are lively and informal, as are most fund-raising events, with plenty of laughs along the way! Remember it’s your children who will benefit from a successful PTA!

If you would like to get involved with the PTA or volunteer some time to help out at PTA events your help would be sincerely appreciated, please forward your contact details to and we will happily get in touch.