School Day

The school day begins at 8.35am when students must be inside the gates of the building that their first lesson is based in.

Time Activity Additional Information
08.30 Bell Line up in Zones
08.35 Bell Registration & Tutor Time

Monday Y11
Tuesday Y7 1st, Y9 2nd
Wednesday Y8 1st, Y10 2nd
Thursday Y8 1st, Y10 2nd
Friday Y7 1st, Y9 2nd
9.05 Lesson 1
10.05 Lesson 2
11.05 Break Y7 Veritas (1st week 1)
Y8 Caritas (1st week 1)
Y9 Caritas (1st week 1)
Y10 Caritas (1st week 2)
Y11 Veritas (1st week 2)
11.20 Bell
11.25 Bell Lesson 3
12.25 Lesson 4
Y8, Y9 and Y11
Y7 Veritas Y10 Caritas
12.55 Bell
13.00 Bell Lesson 4 Y7 and Y10
13.25 Lunch Y8 & Y9 Caritas Y11 Veritas
13.55 Bell
14.00 Bell Lesson 5
15.00 End of school
Extra-curricular activities

Check Satchel for Clubs and Activities