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Online Safety

The internet and devices that connect to it are powerful learning tools. Our students need to learn to work independently in order to develop their digital skills. However, they also need to learn how to use this digital learning tool safely.

Hartford C of E High School has both the technology and processes in place to protect children while using the internet in school. This includes filtering what they can access, tracking what they do (or try to) access and maintaining records of their computer use more widely including emails sent and received and, on occasion, taking 'snapshots' of their screen. We have online safety advice in classrooms, formal lessons in online safety in IT lessons and a process by which any problems that do arise can be dealt with appropriately.

Download our eSafety policy

For more information on eSafety, view the following websites / resources:

The school subscribes to National Online Safety, where students and parents can access online safety courses and guides.