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Awards & Achievements


What is the NRA?

NRA is the National Record of Achievement. It is a portfolio representing what you have achieved during your school years.

What does the portfolio contain?

  • Pupil statement
  • Subject specific comments by teachers
  • Certificates / awards you may have gained to date

Do the certificates / awards need to be from school?

No, any recognised organisation. However you should start collecting any certificates you have received from school to include in the portfolio.

Who looks at the portfolio?

Potential employers and colleges.


Use the example statement as a guide to what you may want to produce.

Use the printed grid to identify what you could include in each topic.

Use the grid to keep your thoughts organised. HOWEVER, your statement needs to be a passage of writing with no subheadings, organised into paragraphs.

Use the writing frame below to write your comments:

  1. Type up your finished comments to a new MS Word document, remember to use paragraphs
  2. Name the new document with your tutor group and name eg "11H Innes Chris"
  3. Email your statement as an attachment to

Download grid and example

This list is only to give you an idea of what you may want to talk about. It is not necessary to include all topics and you are encouraged to add any other topics you feel relevant.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award - Year 10 and 11

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is the world’s leading achievement award for young people, and is highly regarded by Colleges, Universities and Employers. It encourages young people to develop independence, commitment, increase their skill set, and improve their leadership and teamwork through being involved in a personalised programme of activities. The school fully supports the award and recognises its unique value for developing skills and attributes in young people.

The Award is split into Four sections; Volunteering, Physical, Skill, and Expedition. It takes approximately 6 months to complete and requires regular commitment to various activities. Your son/daughter will need to find ways with support from myself and school mentors to fulfil the Volunteering, Physical and Skill section of the award.

For more information please contact Mr Marklove.