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Headteacher Update 9th July 2021


Dear ParentCOVID-19I hope you are well. I am very sorry that we have had to contact so many of you this week to tell you that your child needs to self-isolate. We have contacted the local Public Health Board and their advice is that we continue to track... Read more...

Headteacher Update 2nd July 2021


Dear Parent,You may want to sit down before you read this as it covers quite a lot of ground; you might even want to get a cup of tea and a biscuit! As a Historian you might expect my favourite biscuit to be a Bourbon or Garibaldi but currently I have... Read more...

Veritas is officially opened and the Sports Hall is named

Veritas is officially opened and the Sports Hall is named


FORMAL OPENING OF VERITAS BY THE BISHOP OF CHESTEROn Tuesday of this week we were finally able to formally open our new building: Veritas. This was a very small scale, socially distanced outside event but no less important to us for that. Bishop Mark... Read more...

Headteacher Update 25th June 2021


Dear Parent,I hope you are well.COVID 19The situation in Cheshire West regarding the number of Covid-19 cases continues to be a concern and schools have been asked to share the following messages with you from Public Health England. I am sorry that the... Read more...

Headteacher Update 18th June 2021


Dear Parent,I hope you and your families are well.COVID-19We have had a further case in Year 9 this week as well as two cases in Year 10. When we are informed of a case we have a set process to follow; we know that it is disappointing for students and... Read more...

Headteacher Update 11th June 2021


Dear Parent,I hope you are well.LOCAL COVID-19 SITUATION AND CASES THIS WEEKYou will be aware from previous communications and the local press that there has been a spike in local Covid-19 cases over the past 3 weeks. The advice from CW&C continues... Read more...