Veritas is officially opened and the Sports Hall is named

01/07/21Veritas is officially opened and the Sports Hall is named


On Tuesday of this week we were finally able to formally open our new building: Veritas. This was a very small scale, socially distanced outside event but no less important to us for that. Bishop Mark Tanner spent a couple of hours in school being quizzed by 4 of our Year 9 Ambassadors as well as speaking to the small gathering outside of Veritas.

The House ribbons were cut by Mrs Harries (our longest serving member of staff) and our youngest Year 7 student, Leah Moss. We are really looking forward to the day when we can invite parents back into school so that they can see the fantastic facilities our children are able to benefit from.

Veritas was opened in March 2020 – a £10 000 000 build funded by the DfE – and the other main building took the name Caritas. The names of the buildings come from our school motto: Caritas et Veritas; named for the Love and Truth of Jesus Christ. We refer to them in this way and not as buildings because we want the bricks and mortar to be part of our living and breathing vision.

We want our students to know caritas: empathy, kindness and serving others, “…abounding in love and faithfulness.” (Exodus 34:6); and grow in veritas: humility, knowledge and faithfulness, “…full of grace and truth.” (John 1:14)



Part of the event on Tuesday was the naming of our Sports Hall. This is named for Graham and Julia Harries who cut the House ribbons to declare the Sports Hall formally open; Mrs Harries retires this year after 43 years at the school. Between them Graham and Julia have given over 80 years of service to the young people who have attended our school. It is right that we honour them in this way to mark their incredible dedication and contribution to the school and local community. It is also an excellent opportunity to educate our children and the wider community on the correct use of the possessive apostrophe!

Mike Holland