The Window and The Mirror

26/02/21The Window and The Mirror

Throughout lockdown, many of us have been unable to see our loved ones, and others have been able to see them, but only through a window, as with care homes.

Seeing others is a strange phenomenon. Many of us look but do not really see, whilst others of us see only ourselves, our problems and needs.

Consider the difference between a window and a mirror. When we look through a window, we see others. When we look into a mirror, we see only ourselves. Both are made of glass; the difference is that one is coated with silver. The danger is when ‘silver’ (money, wealth, possessions) become our priority we can cease to see others and see only ourselves.

I have been so encouraged this last year to hear so many stories, of people who have whose priorities have changed as they have selflessly begun to see and serve others, and in doing so have themselves been blessed.

Our wonderful Teaching Assistants have been baking each week through lockdown to bless the tired school staff. Others have been baking for carers, using gifts of music to bless their local communities, or walking and cycling to raise money for local charities. There are so many more wonderful stories… please let me know yours.

As pupils return to school and things slowly return to a level of normality, let us not forget the vital lesson of the mirror and the window. Let us continue to really see and care for those around us, for, as Jesus said, what we do for others, we do for him (Matthew 25:40, The Bible) and that is where the true blessing will come.


“Store up your treasure in heaven…for where your treasure is, your heart is also.”

(Matthew 6:20-21, The Bible)