T'was the Fright Before Christmas

18/12/20T'was the Fright Before Christmas

T’was the fright before Christmas, and all through the nation

People were worried about their vacation.

The year of great loss, we want it to end,

To see all our family, loved ones and friends.

But infections still rising and death rates are high;

Brexit is looming… being taxed to the sky!

We’re lonely, we’re frightened, we’re anxious and sad

We hate to look back, the year’s been so bad.


But here in the chaos and striving and pain,

Jesus is calling to us once again,

For into a world of great turmoil and fear

The Christ Child was born, God drawing near.

The Light of the Word pierced the heavy, dark night

As shepherds looked up to that glorious sight

And heaven declared a wondrous new birth,

Bringing hope for us all and peace on the earth.


When the Christmas star goes and the anthems are stilled;

When the lights are switched off and the cold air is chilled;

The Light of the World shines still bright in our hearts,

For that’s where the work of Christmas will start.

We give food to the hungry, and point to the One

Who brings Joy to the world, Jesus, God’s Son.

We seek out the lost, those broken, in pain,

With news of a Saviour who is coming again!


May the light of Jesus love, the healing of his touch, the peace of his presence and the hope of tomorrow

bring joy to your heart and your home this Christmas! God bless you.



School Chaplain