Summer Uniform


Dear Parent / Carer,


As we move into the summer months, we hope that the weather will continue to improve. With this in mind, I would like to remind you of our summer uniform policy that will commence on Monday 16th May (we expect the warm weather to start next week).

All students must wear the full school uniform. Blazers may be removed after period 3 but must remain visible (blazers may always be removed in classrooms); Shirts should remain tucked in, and students wearing skirts may wear black socks (below the knee).

It is essential that we maintain our high uniform standards until the end of term. Our uniform is important and sends a clear message to everyone, demonstrating that our students have pride in their school and appearance.


Please be reminded of our policy regarding jewellery. Those students found to be wearing additional jewellery will have it confiscated. Confiscated jewellery will be returned on a Friday after 3pm.


It is important that students understand how to keep themselves safe in the hotter months. All students should have a full water bottle on arrival to school, this will enable them to remain hydrated throughout the day. Water bottles can be refilled during break and lunchtimes in the canteens.


Sun safety is essential knowledge that all students should have. We acknowledge the importance of sun protection and want staff and students to enjoy the sun safely. Please ensure that students apply sunscreen before they arrive at school.

Please find a link to a leaflet regarding sun safety

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter and let’s hope we have a lovely warm summer!

Yours faithfully,

Miss Naylor

Deputy Headteacher