Scientist or Christian?


I came across these quotes recently:

“Would you rather live in a world without technology or in a world without religion? Would you rather live without medicine, electricity, transportation, and antibiotics or without zealots waging war over fictional tales and imaginary spirits?”

“The Church’s systematic murder, imprisonment, and denunciation of some of history’s most brilliant scientific minds delayed human progress by at least a century.” “I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world.”

How would you answer the first question, I wonder? And the latter two are wrong. Belief in God pioneered science! Looking back to the origins of science and the formation of the Royal Society historical commentators note that: 

“Men became scientific because they expected laws in nature and they expected laws in nature because they believed in a creator.”

Laws of nature (motion, electromagnetic, gravity, optics, thermodynamics etc) that do not change make science possible. Read more....