Rock Climbing and the Resurrection

30/04/19Rock Climbing and the Resurrection

One climber describes El Capitain (pictured) as “the most majestic rock wall in the world”. It is an imposing 3,000 foot wall of granite in the Yesomite National Park in the USA. It usually takes elite climbers armed with ropes and an assortment of highly specialised equipment several days to climb it. Completing the climb is a major accomplishment for anyone.

There is a small group of people in the rock-climbing world who “free solo” – climb, as the name suggests, alone and without a rope. It’s just them with their rock-climbing boots and a chalk bag. No-one thought El Cap could be free-soloed because it is so long and technical.

But on 3 June 2017 Alex Honnold did it.....Read more.....