I wonder if you have a favourite sport? I live in an all male household and did not share in their jubilation when the football season resumed last week. I have one bad memory of playing football. As a 9 year old, a group of us were playing in the street when I kicked the ball and in what seemed like slow motion, the ball curved through the air as my friends ran away and I stood frozen to the spot in horror, watching it smash through our window. To this day, I can still picture my Grandad coming to the window and beckoning me inside. We didn’t get that ball back!

Sometimes, we too can face a crisis from which we find it difficult to bounce back.

It can be hard to keep going when we lose our bounce, when we lose our energy, when we lose our love for life. Yet in those circumstances, we still have roles in our family and our school with responsibility for the care of others.

Q. What do you do when you feel flat and you have lost your bounce?

In Mark chapter 5 we read about a synagogue official named Jairus. Jairus would have had a good life, a person of influence and wealth. However, when sickness struck his 12 year old daughter and she lay dying, he was level planed and became a desperate man. No doubt he had paid the local physicians but to no avail, so, having tried other routes, he came in desperation before Jesus and ‘threw himself at Jesus feet.’

As he was begging Jesus to come to see his 12 year old daughter, friends arrived to tell him it was too late, the girl had died. Jesus’ response was not one of pity but hope…

Jesus said, “Do not worry, just believe.” Mark 5:36. In effect he was saying, “This story isn’t over yet.”

I wonder if you have ever felt like you have tried everything and don’t know what else to do… try Jesus!


When Jesus arrived at Jairus’ house, there were people wailing and mourning her death, but Jesus told them all to leave, then took Peter James, John and the girl’s parents to her room, where he miraculously raised the girl to life!

Do we too need to get rid of the negative voices and replace the fear with faith? Jesus healed the girl and said, “Get her something to eat.” Jesus knew exactly what she needed, and he gave her a whole new life.

If today you feel you have lost your bounce and your energy for life, turn to Jesus. Just as a deflated ball needs air, so God long’s to fill you with His Spirit and His life, so you have the resilience you need to bounce back when the knocks come. Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life, and life to the full.” John 10:10

You can read this story on page 133 of your red Gideon’s bible, and if you need one you are welcome to pick one up from the school Chapel (C23), or pop in if you would like a chat or some prayer.

Tracy Morgan