Remote Learning update week 5


Dear parent/carer,

I hope this email finds you and your families safe and well.

We sincerely hope that we will soon have all of our students back in our classrooms, but in the meantime, we will ensure that their remote learning is purposeful, productive and enables every student to progress to the next level of their education or training.

Please see below the updates for our last week of remote learning for this half term.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss this or any other matters regarding your child’s remote learning experience.

Miss Peña


Remote Learning Week 5 Updates

  • Wellness Sessions

 We are very happy with the feedback received by our students and our parents regarding how much they enjoyed Wellness Wednesday. We will be building on this experience during Half Term 4 by offering three more opportunities for our students to enjoy some no-screen activities. Please see the dates below:

  • Feel Good Friday -  Period 5 on 26th February
  • Thoughtful Friday – Period 5 on 11th March
  • Feel Good Friday – Period 5 on 26th March


  •  Healthy remote learning routines

 When you get time, please read the attached leaflet HERE from National Online Safety platform, which provides 10 top tips for parents during these times of remote education.


  • Praise and Rewards

 We are incredibly proud of both the high levels of engagement from our students and the excellent quality of lessons delivered by our staff. In order to ensure students feel recognised and praised for their hard work, we now will be awarding achievement points and subject nominations. Parents will received notification of their children’s excellent work and effort via text messages and emails.

  • Year 7 to 10 Assessments

 As you know, our remote lessons follow a carefully planned three-stage structure, with students completing some independent work every session. The completion of this work enables teachers to assess and monitor the understanding and progress of students, which then shapes subsequent lessons.  Due to the commitments shown by students, we are now in a position to develop our practice further. Therefore, we will be running a two-week assessment period, from Monday 1st March to Friday 12th March. 

 Across this fortnight, students will be set a 30 to 45 minute task in each subject, to be completed and submitted during their live lesson. The purpose of these assessments is to gauge students’ level of knowledge and understanding of the topic taught remotely. Teachers will prioritise the marking of this test, using this feedback to plan our future provision more effectively


  • How to share any concerns about your child’s remote learning provision

Please contact us using the e-mail address below to share any concerns regarding the online provision received by your child. We are very keen to improve our current practice and any feedback will be well received.