Seasons. They come, they go. They wait for no man.

We too have seasons in our lives. There are the times when we simply do not have enough hours in the day...madly rushing from here to there full of the ‘joie de vie’ like a dog playing fetch the stick! Then before we know it, the seasons have changed, and we find ourselves sat in the muddy puddle of life. It all happened so quickly, schools closing, gatherings stopped, relatives isolating.

It takes time to adjust to a ‘new normal’, and whilst people worry about health, finances, business, education, to name but a few, this does give us the opportunity to stop and reflect.


Reflect on the PAST and give thanks for all that is good.

Reflect on the NOW and be still... slow down and hear the birds, smell that flower, feel the breeze on your face and remember the One who created all these things never changes. So much is changing, but God, our Rock will never change and his love and promises are constant.

Then ponder the FUTURE. God, who made you in His image designed you to reflect His light and glory in to the dark corners of this hurting world.


How could you do that? How could you make a difference for good? You could pick up a phone, bake a cake, write a letter or raise some sponsorship for a needy charity. When things seem dark, God’s love burns brighter and this is your opportunity to shine. Make time for what is important and keep reflecting God’s love to all you meet...and hey, why not have fun splashing in a few puddles along the way?