Parking at Hartford CE High School


Our overflow parking is now at an end! Work started on the site of Mid Cheshire College today and we are no longer able to use that space to park. We have had the luxury of extra parking for the last couple of years and now we must fall into line with every other school in having a dire lack of parking facilities except for staff vehicles.

Unfortunately I do not have a solution to the parking availability and I must implore you to find alternatives. I must insist that you:

  • Do not park on the service road
  • Do not park in the bus bays – these may be used for dropping children off at the start of the day but not for parking and not for picking up at the end of the day

Staff will be carrying out spot checks at key times and if you are parked in these places you will be asked politely to move. I know you will be as eager as we are to keep all of our children safe.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland