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Scientist or Christian?


I came across these quotes recently:“Would you rather live in a world without technology or in a world without religion? Would you rather live without medicine, electricity, transportation, and antibiotics or without zealots waging war over fictional... Read more...

“What is truth?”


“Fake News” is a term popularised by President Trump, but was coined by his political opponent in the 2016 electoral race to the White House. Hilary Clinton commented that certain social media items were actually “fake news” &... Read more...

"Who am I?"


How do you go about answering a question such as this? Do you consider your physical appearance or your personality? Do you consider your chemical composition – 70% water, enough iron in your body to make a 3 inch nail etc? Do you define yourself... Read more...

Sunday - a Day of Rest


Have you ever wondered where the idea of “a week” comes from? Why is it defined as a period of 7 days? There is no astronomical reason for this as there is for a “day” (the time it takes our planet to rotate once about its axis... Read more...

"To end all wars"

"To end all wars"


At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 formal hostilities of World War I ended. It was known as the “Great War” because of the loss of life – 20 million killed and 20 million injured. It was also the “War to... Read more...

"Fallout" - the consequenses of our decisions

"Fallout" - the consequenses of our decisions


17/10/18 “Your mission, should you choose to accept it. I wonder, did you ever choose not to? The end you've always feared is coming. And the blood will be on your hands. The fallout of all your good intentions.”So begins the trailer... Read more...