Ma'amalade Sandwich, Your Majesty?

09/06/22Ma'amalade Sandwich, Your Majesty?

It has been a weekend of celebrations across our nation and the Commonwealth; people coming together to celebrate 70 Years of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the throne. From pomp and circumstance to street parties, it has been hard to miss the celebrations. Despite how you feel about the royal family, most people have enjoyed the opportunity to come together after two years of lockdowns and separation.

A highlight for me was the video of Paddington having tea with the Queen... I did always wonder what she kept hidden in her handbag! However, the Queen has had something much more precious kept hidden in her heart, her faith in Jesus Christ. Throughout 70 years of national turmoil and personal family tribulations, the Queen’s faith has been her bedrock. As such her stability, because of this faith, has given us as a nation a great constant in times of change.

In 1939 when Elizabeth was just 13 years old, World War 2 broke out, London was blitzed by bombs and even Buckingham Palace was hit. As 600,000 frightened children were being evacuated from the city, Princess Elizabeth gave her first public talk on BBC Radio’s Children’s Hour, telling them ‘God will care for us’.

On 2nd June 1953, when she was crowned Queen, Elizabeth was given, “the most valuable thing this world affords”. What was it? God’s word, the Bible. At her Coronation she said, “Pray for me, that God may give me wisdom and strength to carry out the solemn promises I shall be making and that I may serve Him and you all the days of my life.”

In many of her Christmas messages, she has encouraged others to also look to God as their Rock and their Guide. “I rely on my faith to guide me...I know the only way to live is to give of my best in all the day brings and to put my trust in God.” (2002) “God sent into this world a Saviour with the power to forgive.” (2011) “For me, Jesus Christ is an inspiration and an anchor in my life.” (2014), “Billions of people follow Christ’s teaching and find him the guiding light for their lives...I am one of them.” (2015)

We all at times face stress, overwhelm and uncertainty, be that exams, changing family circumstances, health concerns, financial worries, or national and international crisis. Perhaps then we too should look beyond the marmalade sandwich in our bag to the Bread of Life who never changes, and who bids us put out trust in His constant, unfailing love.

In the words of Paddington, ‘Happy Jubilee Ma’am, and thank you for everything.’

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in times of trouble.”    Psalm 46:1