Love for Ukraine

18/03/22Love for Ukraine

It’s hard to imagine the trauma of leaving your home and your loved ones and running for your life to a place you do not know, dependent upon the mercy of strangers and not knowing what the future will hold. Yet, in the midst of so much suffering and uncertainty, overwhelming compassion has triumphed. People generously donating money and goods, leaving buggies at train stations for young mothers with babies and opening their homes to welcome strangers. One scene that particularly moved me was of a woman who was giving single red roses to women who were arriving in Poland from Ukraine. This simple act spoke to a lost, hurting, broken people, letting them know that they were loved and valued in a way that words never could. The women were breaking down in tears as they received this simple gift. Indeed as a school we are partnering with Life Church, Barnton to collect much needed items which will be sent by lorry to Grace Church in Nisporeni, Moldova for the refugees.

This is the very thing that the bible tells us to do, to defend the orphan and the widow, to care for those who have young and to extend our hand to the needy. Indeed our own students have rallied round, praying for the Ukraine and writing over 400 letters which will also go in the lorry. Each one will be received and cherished by someone, reminding them that that they are loved and encouraging them to stay strong. I am so proud of our amazing young people for their response, and my prayer is that each letter will be very precious to the person who receives it and may be the difference between despair and hope.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe and will always

“The light shines in the darkness,

and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

Tracy Morgan