Headteacher Update 9th July 2021


Dear Parent


I hope you are well. I am very sorry that we have had to contact so many of you this week to tell you that your child needs to self-isolate. We have contacted the local Public Health Board and their advice is that we continue to track and trace rather than to close whole year group bubbles; this is a change in approach since the start of the pandemic. So we will continue with our approach to blended learning. We will only close a year group before the end of term if staff absence increases to the point where our own risk assessment tells us we need to.

There is more positive news in that the current guidance for September suggests that only those people testing positive will be required to self isolate. It is also likely that students will need to take 2 Lateral Flow Tests in school before returning to school (you will remember that this was also the case last March). We have provisionally set aside the following dates for this:

  • MONDAY 6TH SEPTEMBER (Also Progress Day for Year 8 – 11)


This means that we will be able to start the term as planned on September 7th for all students with no staggering. We will contact you with specific details in the second half of August.


On another health related note I am very pleased to tell you that we have recently doubled the number of defibrillators that we have in school to 4. These are situated in Caritas and Veritas already with the additional ones to be located in ROSLA and adjacent to the 3G pitch. I know that so many of you make use of our facilities at evenings and weekends. As a school we are very much aware of the importance of these devices as the life of one of our members of staff was saved by a defibrillator in school about 5 years ago.


Yesterday morning I was able to write the name ‘England’ into the final match of my Euro 2020 wallchart. I was only 21 months old the last time we reached the final of a major football tournament and I had not developed the motor skills to master the tripod grip on a pen or pencil. I do know I shouldn’t take this so seriously; whatever the result I promise that next week’s email will be upbeat and positive!


In Caritas et Veritas,


Mike Holland