Headteacher Update 7th May 2021


Dear Parent,


Year 11 students have now completed their second set of mini assessments. They continue to approach their studies with great maturity and determination and their last assessment will be on the morning of May 28th. This will be followed by a year group assembly where Heads of House will have the chance to say (in)formal goodbyes. This will not be the end of their 1000 day journey at Hartford CE High School, however; we will be holding a Year 11 Barbeque after school on Friday 25th June (details to follow) and in November we will hold our Year 11 Certificate Evening where we will celebrate their achievements in all aspects of school life. 



Further to my email last Friday we have begun discussions with students regarding how we will be tweaking school uniform from September. Generally, the vast majority of students wear their uniform with great pride. We want our day to day conversations with students to be about their progress and not their uniform and the outcome of our current discussions will be a simplified approach that ensures that the school uniform encourages a sense of community, helps develop a sense of pride and supports equal opportunities.  All students are required to wear our school uniform, which has been designed with smartness, safety, professionalism and practicality in mind.

Since each young person coming to and from school is an ambassador for the school, we expect them to represent us by dressing correctly at all times and so maintain high standards; this can only be achieved with the support of parents.  We welcome and expect parental co-operation in ensuring that students travel to and from school in full uniform.

What changes will we be looking at specifically?

  • All shoes will need to be free of logos
  • The style/colour, of skirts
  • A simpler approach to PE kits

Once we have concluded conversations with students and taken suggestions to the governing body we will communicate with parents. This will be before the May half term and any changes will be in place with effect from September 2021.


With Year 11 leaving us at half term we will be tweaking the school day so that Year 9 students do not have break/lunch during Period 2/4. This will not affect the current start and finish times.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland