Headteacher Update 5th November 2020


Dear Parent/Carer,

A Thursday email this week to coincide with the start of another national lockdown. I think we all thought that we’d end up with another lockdown at some point and for the next month at least that will be the case. Thankfully schools remain open but we need to ask parents to remind their children of the national guidelines, so that they understand they must go straight to school in the morning and straight home after school and not pay visits to shops. Remember also that the Rule of 6 no longer applies and they should only meet one person from another household when outside of school.

This week we have held examinations for Years 7 and 11 – for most in the Caritas Gym. For Year 7 we will use the outcomes of these tests, along with internal assessments over the next couple of weeks, to look at teaching groups for students with effect from January. For Year 11 we will analyse their practice examinations in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics to diagnose what we need to work on moving forward.

We have to keep the windows open in classrooms and the gym so at times it has been a little cold – please encourage your children to wear a school jumper so that they can have 4 layers – plain T-Shirt/thermal, school shirt, school jumper and school blazer.

We are still trying to get clarity from the DfE regarding extra-curricular activities during lockdown. Currently the guidance is telling us that sports clubs, drama, dance, etc. should not continue after school from Monday; hopefully this guidance will change. There is no impact on anything curriculum based – so Period 6 and Homework Club can continue.

We have also had the following email from Northwestern Rail:

Dear school partner,

A very quick note this morning to confirm that London Northwestern Railway will be continuing to run our existing timetable throughout this period of enhanced government restrictions. For four weeks, starting tomorrow, unnecessary travel is being discouraged as part of the range of measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus. However, the government has made it clear the railway remains open for those travelling to school or college. 

With the possibility of coronavirus impacting on the availability of train crew at short notice, we do advise passengers to check their journeys before travelling (at www.lnr.uk/plan or on twitter @LNRailway), and a quick reminder that wearing a face covering on board remains mandatory, unless exempt on medical grounds.


Your children continue to astound us with their resilience and positive attitude. We remain mindful of the stresses and strains that another lockdown puts on family life and I would like to remind all of our families that we remain part of your support network at the end of a phone or email.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland