Headteacher Update 5th March 2021


Dear Parent,

The school has been very busy over the past 3 days as we have carried out approximately one thousand Covid-19 Lateral Flow Tests. I must pay tribute to the team responsible for this – particularly as their efficiency and dedication means that all of our students will be able to return to school on Monday.

On Monday morning students should arrive at normal time and go directly to their zones. They will be met by Form Tutors and period 1 will be spent with them so that we can do some re-acclimatisation to school life and remind everyone of the rules that we all have to follow in the Covid-19 world of school. Once again, I should remind everyone that next week is Week 2 of the school timetable.

I must give you the usual reminders regarding travel to and from school:

  • if you live a short distance from your school or college, walk, cycle or scoot to and from school wherever it is possible and safe to do so
  • avoid sharing a car with anyone outside of your household or support bubble
  • if you are using public transport to get to school or college, plan ahead and allow more time for your journey
  • when you are travelling by public or dedicated school transport, don’t forget to:
    • wear a face covering (It is important ?you wear them for the entirety of your journey)
    • social distance where possible
    • wash or sanitise your hands regularly
    • be considerate to fellow passengers and staff.


Further information can be found in our guidance on transport to school and other places of education.

We are so looking forward to welcoming all of our young people back to school and teaching face to face; online learning is as alien to staff as it is to students – no matter how proficient we become at it.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland