Headteacher Update 4th March 2022


Dear Parent

I hope you are well.

Some of you will be aware that the access roads to Hartford and the school are currently full of strategically placed (necessary but rather annoying!) roadworks. If your child comes by car to school I can only ask you to leave a little earlier than normal.


UNIFORM 2022 - 2023

Below you will find our proposal for 2022 – 2023. This was approved by the governing body at a meeting on Tuesday 15th February 2022.

I am fully aware that no proposals regarding school uniform will have the support of every single parent or student. Last summer we spoke to at least 30 parents directly regarding uniform and we have taken on board what has been said to us.  More recently we have carried out a large number of conversations with students and the vast majority agree with the proposals.

The key change is that students in current Years 7 – 9 who choose to wear skirts must wear the school skirt (with a logo) which will be subsidized so that it will cost no more than £12 in the first year; when wearing the school skirt, tights will no longer be compulsory but black socks must be below the knee.

You will also see below a table which shows the current prices of uniform items advertised on school websites for Hartford and the 4 nearest state schools where students wear blazers (all in the old Vale Royal area). You will see that Hartford prices are comfortably below other schools’ prices. (Our uniform prices are also below the costs of schools where students do not wear blazers – though these schools are not included on the table below). As the parent of two children who have now left Hartford, to say that I was surprised by some of the costs listed below is something of an understatement.














£27.95 – 33.10

£12.45 – 14.50 (OPTIONAL)


£15.50 (Current)

£12.00 (2022- 2023)



£35.00 – 38.00

£18.50 – 20.50

£5.30 – 6.40    

£18.55 – 20.60


£43.50 – 46.50


£15.50 – 18.50


£19.00 – 21.05



£36.00 – 38.00



£21.00 – 23.00



£28.00 – 36.49

£12.99 – 20.99


£14.99 – 19.99



We believe that a school uniform encourages a sense of community, helps develop a sense of pride and supports equal opportunities.  All students at Hartford Church of England High School are required to wear our school uniform, which has been designed with smartness, safety, professionalism and practicality in mind.

Since each young person coming to and from school is an ambassador for the school, we expect them to represent us by dressing correctly at all times and so maintain the high standard for which we are known. High standards can only be achieved with the support of parents.  We welcome and expect parental co-operation in ensuring that students arrive at school in full uniform.


  • blazer with integral school badge
  • school tie (house colours)
  • plain, pale blue shirt
  • navy-blue, V-necked, long-sleeved pullover with school badge (optional under blazer)
  • plain, black full shoes (no logos)


  • trousers – straight cut, wool mix or polyester and black/charcoal grey in colour; black socks (below the knee)


  • school pleated knee length black skirt (black socks, below the knee; or black tights)



  • reversible blue/gold multisport top (optional for rugby activities)
  • navy blue hoody (optional – no logos)
  • white polo-shirt
  • navy blue skort OR navy/royal blue shorts
  • navy blue or white sport socks
  • trainers with non-marking soles
  • football/rugby boots (optional)
  • navy blue plain tracksuit bottoms (no logos and optional)
  • D&T apron


Please note that:

  • Summer Uniform: We designate summer uniform according to the weather. At this time, blazers may be removed after Period 3 but must remain visible (blazers may always be removed in classrooms).
  • Jewellery is limited to a single plain metal stud in each earlobe and a watch.
  • Hair must be appropriate for school; this includes natural colours and not extreme styles.
  • Subtle foundation make-up may be worn.
  • It will not be compulsory for Year 11 students to wear the school skirt in 2022 – 2023 but skirts must be knee length.


Uniform Ordering: Uniform can be ordered through the school website.


In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland