Headteacher Update 4th February 2022

04/02/22Headteacher Update 4th February 2022

Dear Parent

I hope you are well.

We have had an increase in the number of students and staff absent from school this week with Covid-19. Please remember that the current rule is that if you test negative on the morning of day 5 and day 6 you will be able to return to school/work on day 6. Please continue to test twice weekly.

I met with the School Council just before Christmas and they outlined the following priorities:

  • Charities: support for Young Minds (Local) and the Harambee Partnership (International)
  • Setting up an Eco Committee to look at some of the following: allotments to grow vegetables, a wildlife area, tree planting, House planters in House colours, use of single use plastics, recycling, etc.


The School Council will be meeting with the Board of Governors on Tuesday 15th February to put forward their ideas in more detail.

You should also know at this point that we will be losing some trees over the February half term. This is not something we are doing lightly but sometimes they become health and safety hazards or hinder the development of the site. Please be assured that any trees that are removed will be replaced at least four-fold and that the School Council will play a major role in where they are placed.


And finally…further to last week’s reference to who I would be if I could be a Disney character. From my childhood this has to be Dumbo – the ability to fly was (is?!) so attractive; I also believe that the Star Wars franchise now belongs to Disney…40 years ago I would have wanted to be Han Solo; but despite the fact that some of you are probably thinking along the lines of Darth Vader, these days I see myself more in the mould of Yoda. Strong in wisdom, he is!

In Caritas et Veritas,


Mike Holland