Headteacher Update 27th May 2021


Dear Parent/Carer 

I hope you are well. The weekly email is a day early – just to keep you on your toes. It also covers a lot of ground and includes 2 attachments:

  •  HOLIDAYS AND INSET DAYS 2021 – 2022


Our Year 11 students leave us tomorrow but not before their final assessment in English! They go with our very best wishes for the future and huge congratulations for their attitude to work during their whole time here but in particular during the last 15 months. We very much look forward to seeing them at the Year 11 barbecue towards the end of June and their Certificate Evening in November. Tomorrow they will attend an assembly lead by their Heads of House as part of their formal goodbye.


2022 sees the celebration of the Queen’s 70th (Platinum) Jubilee and this means that we have an extra Bank Holiday and therefore an extra day of holiday in lieu of this. We have decided to place our extra day on Tuesday 4th January 2022 so that we will return to school after the Christmas break on Wednesday 5th January. Attached with this email are the holidays and INSET Days for the whole of the 2021 – 2022 academic year.


Please find attached our uniform list which will be effective from September 2021. During our uniform review we have remained aware of the need to simplify what we do as well as to keep down costs for families. Although we would like everything to be clear cut the interpretation of whether some items are acceptable will be a matter of judgement. That is why we also include the following explanatory notes:


 On our website in June we will include examples of footwear that are and are not acceptable but, basically, anything that looks like a trainer will be unacceptable.


 The rules on jewellery are very simple. One plain stud in each earlobe is allowed.

  •  MAKE-UP 

We will accept subtle use of foundation. 


From September we will require skirts to be knee length (remembering that the same skirt will fall to different lengths on different students!) and worn with opaque tights. It is not allowable for skirts to be rolled up. We are also introducing a preferred option with a school logo on the waistband. 


We want all of our students to look smart and professional at school and on the way to and from school. The vast majority of students wear their uniform with pride at all times; this allows us to concentrate on their learning. We will review where we are with uniform during the first part of 2022. We will also review the possibility of introducing a summer uniform. 


The view of government ministers is that mobile phones should not be allowed in schools; their view is that mobile phones can be an unnecessary distraction when the focus should be on education. We agree with this but we also understand that many parents want their children to have their mobile phones with them so our view is that they must be switched off at all times and be kept completely out of sight.

 There are very clear sanctions for when this rule is broken. Our sanctions are part of our student code of conduct which all students and parents are required to sign. Any phone that is visible will be confiscated and held at reception until the end of the day where it can be collected.  If any student refuses to hand in their phone they will be sanctioned accordingly and parents will be required to come to school to collect the phone; the students will then be required to hand in their phone daily for a specified time to avoid further sanctions.

We also have to insist that parents and students do not communicate via phone or text during the school day; if there is an emergency, please call through the school office. If your child needs to contact you in an emergency they should ask one of the pastoral staff and all reasonable requests will be agreed.

 I hope you are able to enjoy the half term break with your families. In the next half term I will be telling you about work that will go on over the summer to improve the learning environment still further, changes to our student/pastoral support structures and how we will be welcoming our new Year 7 starters for 3 days in July.

 In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland