Headteacher Update 26th November 2021


Dear Parent

I hope you are well. It’s be a short email this week.

Year 11 Practice Examinations are currently taking place and the year group is approaching them in an excellent manner. The key thing about any assessment or practice examination is not only to show where we are at with our learning but, more importantly, to know where we need to go next and what we need to improve on. Year 10 assessments begin on Monday 6th December – these will be classroom based.

The weather has turned much colder this week so yet another reminder to students about dressing appropriately. Plain t-shirt under school shirt under school jumper under blazer gives four layers; at a time that we are also keeping the windows open for ventilation. An appropriate coat for travel to and from school/lessons is also a must!

One of our ongoing school priorities is student and staff well-being. Please remember that although parents may send emails in an evening or at a weekend I cannot and do not expect staff to answer them outside of working hours. I hope that you have similar expectations wherever you work.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland