Headteacher Update 23rd October 2020


Dear Parent/Carer,

Today is the last day of the half term and I want to use this email to pay tribute to our students and our staff.

Our students have been amazing this half term. Their approach to their studies has been genuinely awe inspiring considering their lives have been turned upside down in the past 7 months. They have had to get used to working to a ritual and routine again which has meant building up stamina for their workload; Year 11 students have taken to Period 6 lessons with great positivity. All of our year groups have also coped admirably with the new normal of school life and they have attended well above the national average since the start of term. Reluctantly, I would even go so far as to say that they deserve a week off!

As for my colleagues, I cannot praise them highly enough. We have been so grateful for the huge number of messages of thanks and encouragement from parents since lockdown began. It would be far too easy to say that staff are just doing their jobs; they are not doing the jobs they signed up to or in a way that they were doing them a year ago. They know how to teach from a classroom, from home, via Zoom; they know how to teach students in a classroom whilst also teaching some children who are self-isolating at home; they know how to record lessons when they are self-isolating to ensure that students in school still get input from their class teacher. They have rapidly rewritten their curriculum sequences and lesson plans so that we can teach what needs to be taught.

And all of my colleagues continue to work with determination and enthusiasm to help our youngsters in all aspects of their education – academic and otherwise. I am so proud of them.

School will be open next week as a number of Year 11 students have been invited in to school as part of their academic support package. We are also having another outdoor canopy constructed to go in front of the Veritas Building – once again it will be in the four House colours and provide more respite from the elements for our youngsters.

Whatever you are doing, I hope you are able to enjoy the half term.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland