Headteacher Update 22nd January 2021


Dear Parent

I hope you are well and coping with the miserable weather the last couple of weeks has thrown at us.

This week we have continued to receive information from the DfE and I summarise some of the key elements below:


We were told yesterday that schools would receive 2 weeks’ notice before they were expected to open to more students. This means that if we were expected to return after half term on Monday 22nd February that we would need to be informed by Monday 8th February. There is no indication as yet whether this will be the case or whether there will be a staggered return of year groups. I’ll keep you up to date when I get more information.


Having set up our excellent in school process we received a letter from Mr Williamson on Wednesday telling us that we could continue with testing the adults in school on a regular basis. However, we should pause the daily testing of students in school who had been identified as a close contact by a positive in school case. This is just one of the areas of guidance/legislation that changes almost daily at the moment. As you can imagine, the nature of leadership and management of a school has changed drastically over the past year.


Below are some of the proposals that form part of the consultation document. None of this is in tablets of stone as yet. What it clearly means for Year 11 students is that there is still a great deal to play for and plenty of opportunities ahead to prove their ability in each and every subject.

  • A student’s grade in each subject will be based on their teachers’ assessment of the standard at which the student is performing, using a combination of evidence that might include:
    • results from papers provided by exam boards, but set by teachers.
    • other performance evidence such as formal tests, mock exam results and any substantial work completed by students.
  • There will be an Appeals Process for students.

In terms of timing, the DfE and Ofqual are proposing that:

  • students are assessed by their teachers in a period beginning in May into early June
  • teachers submit grades to exam boards by mid-June
  • external quality assurance is carried out by exam boards throughout June
  • results are issued to students after the quality assurance, most likely in early July.

The DfE and Ofqual have also
launched a consultation to look at which Vocational, Technical, and other Qualifications will need alternative arrangements and how those arrangements should work.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland