Headteacher Update 20th November 2020

20/11/20Headteacher Update 20th November 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you are well. Welcome to our weekly round-up of news from Hartford CE High School.


Through the wonders of modern technology I have attached a photograph of one of our outdoor covered spaces with this email. We have three outdoor covered spaces and they enable us (together with our two canteens and the Caritas Hall) to provide covered seating areas for every child during break and lunch. I am very happy to say that our youngsters are making excellent use of these facilities which always come in handy during the autumn rains; although there is not much we can do about sideways rain so we still want our students to wear sensible coats to school too!


Further to my comments last week, these will begin again on Monday 23rd November. I am also very happy to say that our Dome is back in use. The reconstruction of the Dome requires specialist contractors and calm/dry weather. Yesterday we were able to match both of these requirements so we now have another large space away from inclement weather for our students to learn in.


We are very pleased with our move to having Tutor Periods on Mondays and Wednesdays at the end of the school day. Clearly we are not in a position yet to restart whole House assemblies as this would mean too many people in one enclosed place and mixing year group bubbles; however it is our provisional intention to have Form Tutor time every day from January. In the meantime we will have two one hour sessions where students will spend time with Form Tutors – one of these will be on the last day of term, 18th December. We intend to finish school at 1pm on the last day of term – more details to follow.


We have now completed these and given our students provisional results in English language, English Literature and Mathematics. It is fair to say that we are pleased overall with where we are at this stage of the year considering so much learning has taken place remotely. There is still work to be done but we are now able to plan for further success.


Some parents will be aware that we are working hard with students to ensure that they do not adorn the basic school uniform with jewellery; we will continue with this crusade. It has been a number of years since we looked formally at the school uniform and we will do so in the new year; we will work with the School Council to do this.

On another aspect of uniform it is very positive to see a lot more of our youngsters wearing school jumpers under their blazers. This gives them four layers: plain t-shirt/thermal, school shirt, school jumper, school blazer. Even with windows open this is sufficient protection from the cold when the heating is on. I’m not looking forward to seeing the winter utility bills, though!

We have 4 weeks to go until the Christmas break and still so much to do and to look forward to. More from me next week – I hope you are able to enjoy the weekend.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland