Headteacher Update 20th January 2022

20/01/22Headteacher Update 20th January 2022

Dear Parent

I hope you are well. A day early this week!

New rules re Face Coverings – again. You will be aware by now that students are no longer required to wear face coverings in lessons. They should, however, continue to wear them in communal areas such as assemblies, corridors and canteens until the end of the day on Wednesday 27th January. We will continue to support any student or member of staff who wishes to continue wearing a face covering.

Lateral Flow Tests. These arrived in school last Friday and have been given to students this week. Please continue to supervise your child in carrying out tests on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. We would expect another delivery in 3 weeks or so.

Year 11 Examinations. It is looking increasingly likely that examinations will go ahead this summer. We already have a provisional timetable which we will share with students/parents when it is confirmed. On February 7th all schools will receive further information regarding the nature of the examinations. This will also be shared with you as soon as we have digested the fine detail. We intend to put on some support classes for Year 11 students over February half term and the Easter holidays – details to follow.

Potential expansion of the school and corresponding new build. You may recall that I told you last summer that the governing body had been asked to consider expanding the number of students we have in the school from September 2023. Discussions with CWAC and Chester Diocese are continuing and a Feasibility Study has been completed regarding where a new build would be located. This would be a block of 8 classrooms and associated offices, toilets, small group rooms, plant etc. We need to make a final decision on this project before Easter and I will continue to update you as more information becomes available.


And finally…my other favourite Christmas present this year (apart from an orchard full of Chocolate Oranges) was a circular 1000 piece reversible Star Wars jigsaw. It was of the second Death Star (original and best series, obviously): and on one side it had an image of the blue print schematic and on the reverse side the Death Star itself. It was a painstaking task to complete but I think you’ll agree from the photographs on the school website version of this email that when complete it was impressive, most impressive!


In Caritas et Veritas,


Mike Holland