Headteacher Update 1st October 2021


Dear Parent


Here is our plan for vaccinations now that our dates have been confirmed:

  • MONDAY 11TH OCTOBER               YEARS 8/9


  • TUESDAY 12TH OCTOBER              YEARS 10/11; YEAR 7 WHO ARE AGED 12 BY OCT 12TH


Yesterday you received an email with 3 attachments: Electronic Consent Form, Parent Leaflet and Student Leaflet. We have been asked by CWAC to re-send these next week.

Please read the information together as a family and give your consent online. I also need to politely remind you that the school is simply a venue for vaccinations and that any discussion regarding permissions is a discussion between parents, child and the health care professionals.

As our gym is currently being refurbished, the vaccinations at Hartford will take place in the Harries’ Sports Hall.


The weather has turned for the worse this week after a very mild and dry start to the school year. We are very fortunate that every child is able to eat under cover during breaks and lunchtimes in the Canteens, Caritas Hall or our 3 outdoor canopies. However, we would ask that you ensure that your child is appropriately dressed for wetter and cooler weather as the year progresses.


We had a power cut at school on Monday which meant that we were without power for 100 minutes. Older readers will remember the 3 day weeks of the Edward Heath Government in the winter of 1973 – 1974. The interruptions to the power supply lasted from January 1st – March 8th 1974 (I must confess to Googling that fact – although other search engines are also available). Many people from that generation had lived during the Second World War and the rationing that followed it and were used to such circumstances; the thing I remember most is that we always had lots of candles in a kitchen drawer for years afterwards – although briefer power cuts were more frequent throughout the rest of the decade.

The impact of power cuts today are much more profound for the locality and for schools as we depend so much on technology for what we do; so on Monday we had no phones, no internet, no Wi Fi, no hot food at break, darkened classrooms. Interactive Boards in classrooms were inoperable so teaching had to go ‘old school’ for a couple of lessons – we may not have blackboards and chalk any more but we do have whiteboards to write on! We coped admirably and the power came back on before we had to text parents that school would need to close early. Thankfully!


Information arrived yesterday regarding how examinations will look in 2022. We will look closely at this over the next few days and email Year 11 students/parents with the salient points next week.

Enjoy the weekend.

In Caritas et Veritas,


Mike Holland