Headteacher Update 19th November 2021


Dear Parent

I hope you are well.

I start with news this week regarding the campus roadway and lighting. The campus roadway is an unadopted road not controlled by CW&C Highways; however it is the responsibility of CW&C to maintain the integrity of the road and the lighting along the footpaths. Reluctantly we have spent a good deal of money in the last 18 months in putting in the lighting that leads around to the old East Building Car Park – this is for the benefit of staff and users of our facilities in the evenings.

We are trying to persuade CW&C to adopt the campus roadway and in particular the section of the horse shoe that includes the bus bays. Very recently we have put in place floodlights on the back of the gym which are lit until 7pm at night so that parents now have good lighting when picking up students after extra-curricular activities. This week CW&C have been working on the general lighting in this section and this should be completed by next week. We feel that this is good progress with something we have been working on for quite a while.

Many of you will be aware that schools nationally have been dealing with postings on TikTok over the past couple of weeks. We know that the overwhelming majority of our students do not involve themselves in abusing their online privileges and we continue to do a lot of work in school on Courageous Advocacy; we need our youngsters to bring any misuse of social media affecting the school population to our attention.

We give our students constant reminders in assemblies, tutor times and lessons regarding internet safety and appropriate use. As parents, you will be paying the bill for your child’s internet and social media usage. Please ensure that you know what your child is accessing and posting online. We also encourage our parents to access the following information:


     TikTok parent guide (attached)


And finally…we posted our Certificate Evening for last year’s Year 11 students online last night. This was our opportunity to congratulate our leavers on their achievements over the past 5 years. It includes a short address from the Head and prize winners were announced by Miss Pena. I commend it to you; you can access it via the school website.


In Caritas et Veritas


Mike Holland