Headteacher Update 18th March 2022


Dear Parent


A lot of students have asked staff about what is going on in Ukraine and they have also been very clear that they want to do something to help. Today during Tutor Times and Assembly we have spoken to them about a charity we wish to support and how they can contribute.

Tens of thousands of people are fleeing the war, mostly women, children and those of an older age. As a school rooted in Caritas et Veritas – the Love and Truth of Jesus – we feel an obligation to support this humanitarian need for aid and have opted to support the initiative being organised by 'Life Church' which is based in Barnton.

They are partnering with the “Storehouse Project” based in Nisporeni, Moldova led by Pastor Victor and Emilia. They and the churches and communities they lead have opened their doors and are helping the increasing number of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine that have found their way to safety in their country. They have also partnered with “Mission Europe” to transport the donations to Moldova and ensure their safe arrival to where it is most needed. 

Please join us in providing essential aid to those who desperately need help. You can donate items that are listed below. Donations are being collected in school until Friday 1st April and are all gratefully received. All donations are to be taken to the Pastoral Hub or the Chapel before this date.

The People of Ukraine Need:

  • Tinned & Dry Food
  • Toiletries such as Sanitary Towels, Nappies, Wet Wipes, Hairbrushes & Combs Soap, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste & Baby Pacifiers 
  • Antiseptic Creams, Baby Creams and Bonjela
  • Bandages, Wound Dressings, Tape, Plasters & Thermometers 
  • Baby Bottles and Baby Formula (Dry) 


Thank you for your contributions. As a school community we will continue to pray for all those affected by the war in Ukraine and for the early end to hostilities.

“Do not overcome evil with evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21,


And finally… with the help of modern technology (intravenous antivirals) I have been Covid free since Wednesday so I was able to return to school on Thursday following two negative tests. My mediocre football team managed to win 2 home games in my absence; they have won only 6 more all season. Perhaps they are trying to tell me something!

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland