Headteacher Update 12th November 2021


Dear Parent

I’m not starting with Health and Safety this week!

Instead – you will find attached to this email a couple of photographs of our new gym. I cannot vouch for the quality of the pictures as they were taken on my I Phone, but I can vouch for the quality of the gym. We have a space for dance/drama, a space for a workout gym, a full size classroom and a small group room. This area will also be our main examination venue and the new windows and heating system will mean that there will be warmth in the middle of winter! In the next week or so we will have more professional photographs on the school website.

If you have a child in Year 7 or 8 you may have had a discussion with them about our Caritas and Veritas Awards. These are brand new to the school this year and reward students for their efforts both inside and outside of the classroom, as well as for their extra-curricular pursuits outside of school. Students have been set a series of different challenges - from sport to music to foreign languages - to aid their personal and spiritual development as a member of Hartford Church of England High School. With Bronze, Silver and Gold honours available, the awards seek to inspire and reward every child. The awards are being led by Mrs Turner and Mrs Lewis.

You will have received an email this week regarding bicycle safety. If your child uses a bike to get to school please read it with them (students in school with a bike on Wednesday received the same letter on paper). In essence we are reminding students that they must adhere to the rules of the road in every respect on their way to and from school; and that they are required to wear a helmet if they want to use the school bike rack.

We now have a date for the delivery and fitting of our second bike rack which should be with us by mid-December. It will be located near the Carriage Drive entrance adjacent to the Sports Hall.

And finally…I had cause to confiscate a water pistol from a student last week – strange at any time but even more so in November. I assume the item was not 1970s vintage and I am pleased to report that the technology has not moved on since then – the overall quality remains poor and leakage is profuse. For health and safety reasons it was necessary to discharge the ammunition remaining and the power of the water stream was disappointing.

Have a good weekend.


In Caritas et Veritas,


Mike Holland