Headteacher Update 11th March 2022


Dear Parent

I hope you are well.

I am very pleased to report that some of the roadworks in and around Hartford have begun to clear.


We are now two weeks into a five week half term.

We are very pleased with the progress many of our Year 7 and 8 students are making with their Caritas and Veritas Awards. So far in Year 7 we have awarded 34 bronze and 2 silver certificates; in Year 8 we have awarded 29 bronze and 1 silver certificates.

The awards are a celebration of achievements both in and out of school. Any external achievements such as sporting success or music exams should be passed on to Form Tutors to contribute to the award. For the March Challenge students are collecting signatures in lessons and around school for being the best version of themselves. The number of signatures collected will count towards the awards. Students are responding very well to the challenge and there will be breakfast tokens for top performing students.

Year 9 Options Evening takes place online on Wednesday 16th March. Details of how to access the event can be found on our website:

option-evening-2022-263.pdf (hartfordhigh.org.uk)

Year 11 students have just completed their practice examinations and staff are busy marking and moderating their work. We will be in a position to give feedback on these examinations within the next two weeks – once again I must thank my colleagues for their hard work in ensuring such a quick turnaround. In the week starting April 4Th (the first week of the Easter Holiday) we will be inviting Year 11 students into school as part of our ongoing support for them.

More generally we are working as a school on how we should respond to support the victims of the conflict in the Ukraine. More details will follow in the coming weeks.

And finally…on page 197 of my word document for emails started when the pandemic began, I have today tested positive for Covid-19. If I have had it before I have not been aware of it; very frustrating – I now can’t go and watch my mediocre football team tomorrow!

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland