Headteacher Update 11th June 2021


Dear Parent,

I hope you are well.


You will be aware from previous communications and the local press that there has been a spike in local Covid-19 cases over the past 3 weeks. The advice from CW&C continues to be that local residents should sign up for PCR tests. In school we have had 2 Year 11 cases reported to us after half term (Year 11 students have now left us) and 2 cases in Year 9. Inevitably a number of students are self-isolating and are accessing work via the Google Classroom.

The impact of this spike on students has meant that face coverings are required to be worn when indoors at school. I really must congratulate them for coping with this requirement in the warm weather so admirably. As soon as we are able, we will lift this part of our response to the pandemic.

Unfortunately, we have also been advised that a number of events that we had hoped to put on this summer are now in doubt. This includes Sports Day together with inter school sport, Commendation Day, Reward Trips and almost certainly our Year 6 – 7 induction Days. Inevitably, we also need to keep visitors on site to an absolute minimum so we will be ensuring that as many meetings as possible take place either by telephone or remotely.

Whilst talking online with other Heads last week I was reminded that millions of students across the country have been taught mainly in one block or even one classroom for the vast majority of subjects for the whole of this academic year. One colleague said his Year 7 students had only ever seen the inside of a quarter of classrooms within their school and he was worried they would get lost when they were able to change routines. Thankfully we are not in that position at Hartford.


One of our very successful initiatives this year was the introduction of Period 6 for Year 11 students. Current Year 10 students should know that we intend to do the same for them. Details will follow in the next couple of weeks as we aim to start this before we break up for summer. I know that they cannot wait to get started!


Your children may have told you that I am now wearing a rather nifty Panama Hat on sunny days. Some of them have even told me how much they like it. I wear it not because I am a great fan of Indiana Jones (although I am and I know his wasn’t a Panama!); it is because I am following strict medical advice to spend as little time in the sun as possible and when I do I should wear a hat and smother myself in Factor 50 sun screen. Perhaps a timely reminder to everyone that we need to stay safe in the sun.

Enjoy your weekend as the good weather continues. For those of a sporting persuasion today sees the start of football’s 2020 European Championship (like the Tokyo Olympics it has retained the 2020 tag). My wall chart is ready (sadly true) so that once again I can record the time at which England fail gloriously or ignominiously; but I always have this irrational hope that maybe…

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland