Headteacher Update 10th September 2021


Dear Parent

We have been delighted to have our students back in school this week; and it is inevitable that temperatures have soared following fairly mediocre weather during the summer break! In particular it has been a blessing that we have been able to hold face to face assemblies for the first time since Early March 2020. Our Year 8 cohort had never had a ‘live’ assembly in school until last Wednesday and all students were able to get the same message from their Headteacher over the course of 2 days; it may take some of them a while longer to come to terms with my sense of humour, however. After school tonight we are very much looking forward to having a barbecue with last year’s Year 11 students – not surprisingly, the forecast is rain!


All students will be given a pack of Lateral Flow Tests to take home and we would encourage you to encourage them to test themselves twice weekly. Our testing regime picked up 4 asymptomatic cases (out of approximately 1400 tests) and early detection of these cases means less chance of further infection to others and less time for students away from face to face teaching.


For the first time in two years we are holding an Open Afternoon for future students next Thursday (16th September). This means that school will close for students at 1pm after Period 4. School buses will leave just after this time. Thank you in advance for supporting your children to return to school later for the event so that they can represent us on such an important occasion. Attendance at the Open Afternoon is only available via our online booking system and places are limited and being taken up very quickly. Please use this link if you have a child in the current Year 5 or 6 and you haven’t yet booked a place:



On Monday 13th September, Year 11 students will attend their first Period 6 lessons. This is part of the ongoing provision for our final year students and will take place every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Lessons and venues are clearly indicated on student timetables; so many of them have already told me how much they are looking forward to Period 6!


It is our intention to re-start Breakfast Club in our Veritas canteen from 8.00am on Monday 13th September. This will be open to all students who require a breakfast at school.


I did tell you last year that I would have to return to this topic! Once again I must ask all parents to be considerate when dropping off and picking up students. In particular, under no circumstances should parents park in the bus bays or opposite the bus bays in a way that restricts the flow of two-way traffic. I have no solution to this but I need to be able to expect that our parents will park in a way that is safe for all of our students when they arrive at and leave school.


The complete refurbishment of our gym started in June and it will be completed by October half term (unless we are affected by the supply issues that so many industries are currently facing). We are creating a mezzanine teaching space upstairs, along with a small group room; downstairs (below the mezzanine) we will be creating a modern gym area as well as a Dance/Drama space. This space will also be the main venue for examinations for students.

In Caritas et Veritas,


Mike Holland