Headteacher Update 10th June 2022


Dear Parent

I hope you are well.


We have received comments from around 30 families regarding Parent Evenings and Progress Day for next year in response to Miss Naylor’s request for feedback. Most of those who expressed a view are in favour of them remaining online and this corresponds with most conversations that we have had throughout the year.

Issues raised were linked to the length of appointments at Parent Evenings; some parents feel that 5 minutes is not long enough – this is particularly the case of parents of students in Years 7 and 8. Additionally some parents would like to be able to meet with more staff and others long for a return to face to face contact. Parent Evening appointments have always been 5 minutes long for each subject and this will continue; however we are increasing the number of possible appointments to 8 per child in the first instance.

The upshot of this is that Parent Evenings will remain online next year but for Progress Day (which will take place in November for all students) you will be given a choice of an online or face to face appointment lasting 12 – 15 minutes.

It is worth noting that we have 5 formal points of contact with parents over the year:

  • Progress Day
  • Parent Evening
  • Term 1 Attitude to learning CRU
  • Term 2 Achievement CRU
  • Term 3 Achievement CRU and Form Tutor report


It is also possible for parents to contact individual subject teachers with specific subject questions and the pastoral team for more general concerns.

And finally… GCSE examinations continue for Year 11 students until Thursday 23rd June; they are acquitting themselves very well. Attendance at the after school revision classes is excellent – no doubt enhanced by the pizza available at the end of the sessions (including vegetarian and vegan options). All other year groups have either started or will start their end of year examinations soon and complete them before the end of June. There is a huge amount of work involved in putting an examination programme together in a school – we are indebted to the efficiency and hard work of Mrs Kettle (Examinations lead amongst many other things) and the huge team she leads in ensuring things go smoothly.

In Caritas et Veritas

Mike Holland