Father's Care

17/06/20Father's Care

Young Micah was having a bad day! He had been given a go-cart for his birthday. It was an old go-cart, but his dad had lovingly polished and painted it, changed the brakes, oiled the wheels and put new tyres on. It was the best present Micah had ever had.

“Be careful,” warned dad, “These things can be fast and dangerous.”

“I’m fine,” shouted the lad as he rushed out to try it.

“Let me come with you,” said dad, “We should try it somewhere safe until you get a hang of it.”

“Really dad, I’m FINE!” said Micah, with a tone of voice that meant he really didn’t want to be seen out with his dad, and off he went.

Climbing onto the go-cart at the top of Castle Hill, adrenalin pumped through his body as he knew this was going to be the ride of his life. “Freedom!” he thought! Less than 10 seconds later, Micah was pushing the crumpled go-cart off himself where he had crashed into the ancient oak at the bottom of the hill. The go-cart was wrecked and his body and pride were battered and bruised.

The father’s love for his son had prompted him to follow Micah and seeing the accident, he rushed out to help. Micah hurt and he struggled to carry the damaged go-cart home. “Give that to me, let me help,” his father gently offered. Micah was angry and embarrassed and he shouted at his dad, “I said, I’m FINE!”

This Sunday is Father’s Day. For many this is a joyous occasion, but many of us find it a day of pain and struggle. Maybe you have sadly lost your dad, maybe you do not know your dad or maybe your relationship with your dad is not what you would like it to be.

The good news is that we all have a Heavenly Father who promises that He will ‘Never leave you or forsake you.” (Joshua 1:6, The Bible) Try to imagine the best Father ever…. God is better! He is always there and always loving you even when you mess up.

How many of us carry burdens and pain, worries and anxieties? Like the boy in the story, we have a Father who says, that burden is too heavy for you, “Give it to me.”

“Give your worries to Jesus, He cares for you!” (1 Peter 5:7 The Bible)

If something is worrying you, do have a chat with Mrs Morgan, School Chaplain – you can find me in the Chapel, C23. God cares and we do too.