Easter Service

22/04/22Easter Service

Our Year 8 students were blessed this week at our Citizenship Day. Due to the Pandemic, it has been 3 years since we have been able to host such a day, which made it even more special.

Guests were invited from 4 faiths: Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism to each deliver an hour long session on ‘How does your faith deal with forgiveness?’ The students rotated around the speakers and got a good overview of each faith, as well as their view on the topic of conversation. It was also lovely to see engaging question and answer sessions at the end of each presentation.

At the end of the day, all our Year 8 students walked up to our local Parish Church, St John’s in Hartford for their Easter Service. For many, this was their first time in a church and for all of them, again due to the pandemic it was their first high school visit. It was lovely to see the church full of young people and they led the whole service, with beautiful gospel readings and prayers.

Nathan Heeb, the church youth leader shared the Christian message of ‘Forgiveness’, something that is available to us all because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross that very first Easter.

All our Year 8 students had been rehearsing the song Oh Happy Day (from Sister Act) in their music sessions last term, and we were eagerly looking forward to hearing them. We were not disappointed and it was complimented with a solo from one of our Year 10 students too!

With much to celebrate, the school orchestra aptly closed the service with a great performance of ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.

Our thanks to all who worked so hard to make this day happen, but especially to Jesus, without whom we would not know the forgiveness freely offered that very first Easter.