Covid-19 Update 5th June 2020


We have had a great deal of (safely distance) activity in school this week as we prepare for live and recorded lessons taking place from Monday 8th June. Via a different email today you will receive information regarding lesson links, protocols and expectations for this type of learning. This information will also be sent to students directly via Google Classrooms.

Additionally we have been preparing for the probable return to school of Year 10 students from Monday 15th June. On Monday 8th June we will be writing to Year 10 students and parents with a provisional timetable and a very long letter from me. The letter goes into fine detail regarding how things will be different in school for students returning after 3 months away. It is essential that parents read this letter together with their child. We will send a final email to families of Year 10 children later in the week to confirm that wider reopening will happen.

Over the next week the governing body will meet to sign off our risk assessments, the wider opening check list and related documents such as behaviour protocols.

Below I outline a timeline of some key events for next week:

  • Monday 8th – Friday 12th June: Curriculum/Pastoral/SEND Team Meetings in school


  •  Monday 8th June:          


o    Letters sent to Year 10 students and parents re timetable from June 15th

o    Relevant documents sent to governing body for Wednesday 10th June meeting

o    Start of live/recorded lessons in selected subjects


  • Wednesday 10th June: 5.00pm Full Governors’ (Extraordinary) Meeting


  • Thursday 11th June – Friday 12th June: final preparations for wider reopening


On site, the dome has been taken down for the summer (at least) and the East gym and hall are now reduced to rubble. At least Veritas more than makes up for that!

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland