Covid-19 Update 30th March 2020

30/03/20Covid-19 Update 30th March 2020

I hope that you have been able to have a relaxing weekend and make use of the fine weather for a family walk or other exercise together (safely socially distancing, of course). Hopefully, our much changed family lives are now settling down into some kind of routine.

The reported number of deaths over the weekend have really begun to show that the impact of Covid-19 is taking hold and the letter we are to receive from the Prime Minister this week will tell us that things will get much worse before they begin to get better. I am sure that we are united in keeping all of those affected in our thoughts and prayers.

We have been so impressed by the sheer amount of work completed by our students in the first week of ‘lockdown’; please be aware that if our online checking indicates that there has been too little work completed your child will be getting a phone call to ask if there are any issues and if we can be of any further assistance. In fact we are making every effort this week to try and make personal contact with every family from someone in school – please bear with us on that as it is a big task.

A number of you have asked where I am up to with the shoe situation. I managed to uncover an older pair from the bottom of my wardrobe which responded well to care, attention and elbow grease with shoe polish and an old duster; but at last I have a pair of new black shoes – they arrived on Friday.

This is only the second time ever I have not been to a shop to try new footwear on. I remember the excitement as a child being taken to Clarks for a new pair of school shoes in readiness for the new school term in late August – in fact I still do it now but without a parent. The first time was about 20 years ago when I asked my wife to pick up a pair of size 8 black shoes for me which she gladly did. This to me appeared to be something so straightforward that I would never have to leave the house to buy new shoes again (I am not a great fan of retail activity) after all, what could go wrong? It was only 3 weeks later when I was putting my shoes on one morning that I saw the number 9 looking up at me from one of the shoes; and only one of the shoes. I have no absolute certainty that this was a deliberate act to teach me a lesson for my indolence but I have always had my suspicions.

We are hopeful of getting a school newsletter to you later this week – electronically of course – so please look out for that. My contribution will be a virtual tour of our brilliant new Veritas Building.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland