Covid-19 Update 29th May 2020


I hope you are well and that you have been able to make the most of the excellent weather over half term. We have had a flurry of announcements in the past few days and last night the Prime Minister announced that the country was in a position to implement the next steps in the easing of the lockdown.

For us this means that we are anticipating that we will be able to welcome Year 10 students into school from June 15th. I must stress that we have remained open for the last 10 weeks to specific groups of students and that this is not a re-opening but a wider opening.

I am delighted with this news. Students will find that the school experience will be more than a little different on their return but they will benefit from some of the ritual and routine of school life and I know they will receive a warm and heartfelt welcome from the staff. This is not the beginning of the end but it does signify the end of the beginning (apologies again for the historian in me emerging, but Churchill was so quotable!).

We will write specifically to Year 10 students and parents on June 8th with details of their personal timetables, but the headlines are:

  • No more than 25% of Year 10 students will be in school on any given day
  • No class will have more than 12 students
  • Most Year 10 students will attend school on one day a week

For all students we are planning to introduce some live/recorded lessons in core subjects in the next week or so. Separate information will follow for you on this.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland